"Each child at Beit Blumi is seen and heard for who it is they are, and that means the world to me as a mom. Everything is done intentionally — the way the teachers communicate with the children (respectful, curious), the way the classrooms are designed (natural, clean), the way the lessons are presented (open-ended provocations) and so on. The school fully integrates social, emotional, and academic development and continuously keeps us in the loop of what goes on each day. I could not be happier with my family’s choice to send our children to Beit Blumi. The love we feel from our Beit Blumi family is beyond measure and I am so grateful to be part of it, even after my kids have graduated. "


" We love Beit Blumi Preschool! This special place has become a community for our entire family, not just our children. It’s a warm and welcoming space that focuses on developing the entire child. The teachers are extremely passionate and committed to creating a meaningful and educational experience and I love how intentional they are in designing classrooms, curriculum, and a loving culture. My son is developing into a strong, confident, and compassionate boy while feeling a sense of pride in his Jewish heritage! So grateful for this gem of a school! "


"My children and I adore the entire Beit  Blumi family! We are so lucky that we found this amazing Chabad and program. My children have learned so much in such a short time period and feel loved and supported by the faculty. I have never felt more safe leaving my children in their care.  Morah Courtney and Dinie have exceeded all my expectations!!!"


" I am so grateful to have found the Beit Blumi Jewish Early Childhood Center for my two children. The entire staff is absolutely incredible. We truly feel like we are a part of a family. My children have made some beautiful friendships and have a love of learning that will grow with them through the years."


"Beit Blumi has changed the way my husband and I feel about the importance of early childhood education. Our boutique school- is not a day care, it isn't babysitting- it's a small space large heart environment trained in nurturing children through emotional and play based practices. That might seem like a lot of words to describe a preschool- but in a program like ours- the thoughtful programming has oftentimes left us speechless. My son and daughter both started their Beit Blumi journey at the Mommy & Me level where I quickly saw the necessities of sensory play especially when connected to the fundamentals of Jewish learning. For over four years, we have had a front row to the magic. I feel so proud when my kids are able to express their emotions so clearly when they are experiencing big feelings and I attribute that to the unique learning style that starts even in the youngest classroom. The Morahs have taken my son aside to cultivate/push/challenge his creative and academic prowess. The small space and large heart environment allows for each student to get personalized attention for where they are in any area of their education- this includes working with my four year old son with advanced math. We are forever grateful for those cultivating and fun moments. From the classroom to the playground, everything feels so intentional in its set up and execution. Beit Blumi is more than our preschool of choice, it's our second family. When the kids do graduate and we part ways, we will not only miss our second family we will also feel prepared to move on to the next level. "


"Beit Blumi is a place where your child feels at home and so does your family! Beit Blumi is a small intimate preschool. Your child will learn Jewish values that they will carry through their childhood and I believe into adulthood too. I absolutely love that the importance of nature is weaved into the daily activities in the class! The children really get a chance to have hands-on learning each day in the classroom and when they go outdoors too! They don’t worry about the kids getting messy while they learn, In fact they embrace it! 
Beit Blumi places a high importance on the children’s social emotional needs which is so important in these early years to navigate their future! My children have really become more in tune to others feelings and needs thanks to their preschool.