auction 006.jpgThe adult's role in children's journey is to support and facilitate their growth and development. To assume this role, to teach young children, is a great privilege and responsibility. Teaching is a mission- a valued and time honored Jewish tradition.

The staff at Beit Blumi JECC are selected with thought and care. We choose individuals with experience and credentials, who exhibit warmth and kindness.

Beit Bumi JECC staff have a deep understanding of children and the way they think, and have the desire to create meaningful relationships with the children. All of our teachers believe in the importance of seeing each child as an individual. Our teachers plan and adapt the curriculum and the environment to meet the needs of each child. Above all our staff recognize that they have undertaken a sacred task.

Beit Blumi  JECC staff meet weekly to discuss curriculum, plan programs and share and exchange ideas. In order to uphold the high standards of our program, staff development is ongoing throughout the year. This ensures that our teachers remain alert to the ever-changing needs of today's families and to the findings of current research.