Welcome to Beit Blumi Jewish Early Childhood Center, a small, intimate and progressive Jewish preschool inspired by the core principals of the Reggio Emilia philosophy. We welcome every child regardless of background or affiliation and appreciate their differences. With children brimming with questions and curiosity, we as educators listen and provide them with the tools they need to find their answer. Using the hundred languages of children, such as painting, music and movement and dramatic play, we encourage and document their learning process and help them discover, make connections and grow at their own pace. We honor and respect their voices and embrace them as young individuals. At Beit Blumi Jewish Early Childhood Center, we see each child as a unique and precious gift entrusted into our care. This concept is what governs our school's educational approach. With an emphasis placed on the individual child and on encouraging each child's innate inquisitiveness and thirst for knowledge. Small classes and low student-teacher ratios ensure each child receives individual and caring attention.